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100 Niche List

100 Niche List What Is It

100 Niche List is 10 jam packed pages of popular niches. Affiliate marketers and product reviewers will love tapping into these 100 niche list ideas. Helping you get ideas flowing for monetization. For example someone in the travel niche (broad) might consider offering luggage for sale (more narrow). Most products on the list are tangible products. Included is the Amazon category and corresponding sub-category. Keyword research has been done for you, broad and exact matches. With domain suggestions, and alternative long tail keywords this 100 niche list becomes priceless. Literally, pick one, do the work, reap the commissions. There’s even some hidden niches that might surprise you. Check out the 100 Niche List review video.

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100 Niche List What Next

Once you chose a niche you’ll want to create a foundation if you don’t already have one. This can be a blog, a website, or even a Facebook fanpage. Let’s say you choose luggage. You could create a catchy name “Luxury Luggage” or whatever you come up with. Create posts with information, images, and links to purchase the products. Luggage is a broad keyword yet can be micro niched down to “leather luggage”, “luggage sets”, “airline compliant luggage”, you get the idea. To go even more in depth, one could start a blog and publish 10 posts relative to different luggage products. Using SEO in your blog posts would generate instant search traffic to your blog. With Facebook fanpages, boosting your posts for as little as a dollar a day would start getting your offers under customers eyes, while you grow your pages popularity. 100 Niche List works well for Amazon affiliates, clickbank affiliates, those doing CPA offers, and product review sites.

100 Niche List


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If you’re looking to learn about earning online without the monthly fee’s of an mlm, or direct sales company, this product may be for you. I’ve seen 100 niche list work for young, and old, male, female, niche doesn’t matter. Find your target and shoot for the bullseye. It’s awesome to be able to easily build a never ending flow of income from the comforts of home. If you need help with this 100 niche list feel free to add me on Facebook below.

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