ComboZon WordPress Plugin Setup and Demo

ComboZon WordPress Plugin Setup and Demo


This video shows ComboZon wordpress plugin setup and demo. It’s one of a bundle I use. ComboZon wordpress plugin is an awesome tool for Amazon associates who build sites. The ComboZon wordpress plugin is easy to add onto your site. You can search products by price, best sellers, or keyword. You can easily create multi product bundles. With custom styling you can add your theme colors to match ads with your website. Are you looking for info on how to find or add your Amazon access key and secret key? Click HERE!

ComboZon WordPress Plugin Review

This gives you good sales content without the distraction of flashy advertisements. ComboZon wordpress plugin helps you quickly monetize by offering pre bundled items of interest to your customers. All without having to leave your site, or learn any special coding. Researching best selling items right from your wordpress back office.

combozon wordpress plugin


ComboZon WordPress Plugin Bundle

You first need to do is grab the Azon Publisher Studio. (see demo here)

This adds a toolbar to your site that let’s you easily turn text into ads.

Another cool tool is being able to tag images with product links.

combozon wordpress pluginCombozon WordPress PluginYou Will Get OTO (one time offer) To Purchase The Whole Bundle

Get all 6 Amazing Plugins for a real low price. Create beautiful advertisements fast and easy.

Publisher Studio-Link Text Ads To Product Ad or Tag Images With Buy Buttons

ComboZon-Easy To Create Bundled Specials (See Demo Above)

Product Style-Custom Ad Styling Complete with Comparison Charts

Extendazon-Extend “cookie’s” for 90 days

Upsellazon-Suggest Upsell Relative Accessories or Like Items

Daily Dealazon-Create Daily Deals for Fresh Content Display

Plus the opportunity to get in depth training for building niche sites.

 combozon wordpress plugin