Craigslist Advertising Tricks Two Little Known Secrets

Craigslist Advertising Tricks To Boost Your Views

craigslist advertising tricks
Craigslist advertising tricks can help you post your ads in various locations. These two simple Craigslist advertising tricks will help boost your views, and get your ads to stick. Try these Craigslist advertising tricks and let me know how they worked for you.

Craigslist Advertising Tricks 1 and 2

The first of the craigslist advertising tricks is knowing how many accounts you can post from behind one IP address. Your IP address is tracked by craigslist. So posting too many times from one account will get you “ghosted”. Ghosting makes you think your ad is “live” but it really isn’t. The answer is 3, you can post from 3 different accounts from one IP address. You can post 3 ads every 72 hours from 3 different craigslists accounts and not have any issue as long as its not duplicate content. No using the same url, wording, or images in another post. They must each be original.

Second of the craigslist advertising tricks is very important. Clearing your computers history and cookies prior to posting your ad on craigslist will help not identify you as being there before. Depending on which browser you use you can do a google search and find results for “how to clear you cookies using Chrome” or replace “chrome” with “firefox” or whichever browser you use. It’s recommended to clear them before each post, and after each post.

Craigslist Advertising Tricks BONUS Tip

Another way you can get posts in different areas is by finding a marketing friend to barter with. Say you live in Northern US and have a friend in Southern US. You could have them post your ad in their area, and in exchange post their ad in your area. Another suggestion would be to outsource it. There are sites like Fiverr and IboGigs where you can pay someone to post for you for as little as $5.00.

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