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Make 100 a Day Blogging With Adsense and YT

Make 100 a day blogging is easy to do when you have Google Adsense connected to your blog. Online advertising is huge.  If you skipped over setting up an Adsense account you’re leaving TONS of money on the table. Having a monetized YouTube channel will kick back some income from other advertising as well. To make 100 a day blogging you should have at least these two free tools earning for you. The secret sauce to make 100 a day blogging is original, quality content. Just add traffic and you have the recipe to make 100 a day blogging.

make 100 a day blogging

Make 100 a Day Blogging About Product Reviews

Affiliate marketing using a blog and YouTube can make 100 a day blogging product reviews.  You can write reviews about books, products, brands, interests and whatever else your imagination can come up with. Once you have a “niche” (a narrowed down target) things get easier. Add a relative video, image, and some content. It should lead others either to a buy page, or an optin page to get more information. Whether you’re an affiliate, niche marketer, or business, if you’re not blogging you’re missing free traffic and back end sales.

Make 100 a Day Blogging and Advertising

Once your Adsense account is approved you can get paid what’s called CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Impression).  Advertisers contract for clicks and ad placements, this is how to make 100 a day blogging. Adsense pays you a per click/view fee for clicks/views generated from the ad on your blog. It works the same with YouTube.  Advertisers are paying YOU when people click ads hosted on YOUR blog or channel.

**TIP** Sometimes people have problems getting their Adsense accounts approved. Set up your YouTube acct. After you get 1000 views on your channel it will give you an alert to finish your Adsense approval.  They are looking for content, so a brand new blog with less than 5-10 posts isn’t going to make the cut. It’s the most common reason for denial.

The “earn income online” niche is one of the HIGHEST paying niches for advertisements.
Adsense doesn’t allow us to disclose earnings or statistics but I’ll just say my stats are ridiculous.
I’ve been working on videos to show you exactly how YOU can set up your blog and make 100 a day blogging.
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This is HOW you make 100 a day blogging.

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