Quick SEO Tips To Generate Organic Traffic

quick seo tips

Quick SEO Tips For Bloggers and Site Owners

These quick seo tips will help bloggers and website owners check to see if seo is even existent within their content. Without applying these quick seo tips your content probably isn’t getting found naturally in the search engines. Using the quick seo tips check list you can gauge where you need to make changes. I usually tell people new to using seo there’s an 80/20 rule. If it’s 80% garbage but 20% good seo you’re still in a safe area for getting found. I have wanted to perfect my skill and have pushed well beyond the 80/20 rule. Even creating my own seo training product.

quick seo tips

Quick SEO Tips Why Listen To Me

Statistically I am ranking 98% of my posts on page one of google. In the 3 years I’ve been blogging I’ve learned alot. The thing that has offered me the most flexibility and the ability to earn online is blogging+seo+offer=$$. Most of my keywords are attached to affiliate offers. I have more than one site, and cover a variety of niches. Some of my blogs are articles, some of them are stores. With current income over $19,600 in under 75 days I created a training product to teach others how to do EXACTLY what I do. I’m now able to offer consulting on top of the training. It hasn’t always been this way, or this easy. I had to grow into this while breaking down obstacles that stood in my way. It wasn’t easy….but it’s been worth it.

quick seo tips

I started online sick with cancer, and recovering from surgeries.

On a fixed income I set aside $25 a month.

On a wing and a prayer I found success. It tells me alot…

One: that this is possible for anyone.

Two: if you seriously apply yourself you can do anything.

Three: you must believe in yourself.

Quick SEO Tips Checklist

One quick seo tips to bloggers is to stay consistent. Each blog post has it’s individual power, yet adds to the power of your site as a whole. If you’re going after authority you must blog with authority, meaning every day, using these quick seo tips. It gets easier as you practice, and grow into good habits. Practicing idea generation, writing skill, learning to balance the quick seo tips, and writing to the users will help you become a better content creator.

After you write your blog, take a minute to assess your blog draft. The more items you can check off the quick seo tips list, the better your post will perform in the search engines. Some quick seo tips would include…

Did you use a good keyword:
Not too broad or competitive
Fits your topic naturally

Is your keyword:
In the blog title
In the URL title
4 – 8 times in the content
In the meta description

Is your content:
Easy to scan quickly
Broken up with headings

Does your blog end with:
A call to action,
Request for comments, or;
Invite to connect

And the quick seo tips bonus –

Did you use:
An image and/or video
Statistics or Facts
Over 300 words of content

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quick seo tips



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