Social Video Magic Review Insane 60% Discount

Social Video Magic Review

Social Video Magic is the 1st and ONLY Facebook video marketing software that uses the FACEBOOK VIDEO PLAYER! All Social Video Magic video posts utilize Facebook’s in-line video player! This allows your videos to play automatically in your friends/fans newsfeeds.

Social Video Magic Custom Branding

Magically add your own logo or image to each video you post using Social Video Magic.

Social Video Magic Facebook Call to Action

Easily add a Facebook call to action button to the end of all of your videos…

Driving traffic to ANY website of your choice!

Turn Your Photos Into Beautiful Videos With Just a Few Clicks Using Social Video Magic

Upload a group of photos or grab an album from Facebook, add your own captions as well as your own VOICE and magically create a beautiful, professional video ready to be posted to Facebook, used on your own website or downloaded to use however you wish!

So Let’s Break It Down…Social Video Magic Allows You To:

* Add your own BRANDING to the video
* Add your own CUSTOM intro or outro video to the viral video you’re sharing. You can even use the built-in easy to use VIDEO STUDIO that comes loaded with TONS of ready to go customizable video templates OR upload your own!
* Add your own VOICE to your intro or outro videos!
* Add a FACEBOOK CALL TO ACTION to the END of the video and redirect your viewers to ANY website of your choice!
* Even works with YOUTUBE videos!
* Tracks how many likes, comments, shares and even CLICKS your videos receive!

Check out Social Video Magic

Now you can leverage the incredible POWER of viral videos to:
* Drive MASSIVE traffic to your website.
* Generate more leads.
* Make more sales.
* Increase your social engagement.

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