What Is This Blog About? Day 2 Blogging Challenge

What I Want You To Know About My Blog

Are You Aware Of My FREE Resources?

I mostly do blog reviews of affiliate products. Yet, I also provide other resources for those that might not be aware some things even exist. Like 3 years ago when someone pointed me toward the marketing groups on Facebook my eyes opened WIDE. I felt like I entered a whole new world. I didn’t even know they existed. Now I admin several, one has even grown to 22k members PLUS more requests daily.

This blog post is to let you know there are many things offered here outside of the product reviews. Up at the very top is a link to some “brain food”. It’s an hour long video of things that assist with mindset. What you feed your brain, trains your brain. Be sure you’re feeding it the good stuff.

Also at the top is a link to my tools and resources page. There you will find a FREE list for just about anything. Classifieds sites, blogs, image hosting, video upload sites, social media platforms, and I keep adding more.

If that isn’t enough, you can visit daily and check out the Give Away of the Day on my front page. Every 24 hours there is a premium piece of software offered for FREE. You usually have 24 hours to register whatever you might download from there. I’ve found some really cool tools there.

Giving also creates good karma. To live in abundance, you must give in abundance.
The ZenQueen in me couldn’t resist throwing that in.
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