Who am I? I AM The ZenQueen!


Say My Name Say My Name…ZenQueen

Hello, I’m Carla! My friends call me the ZenQueen. Zen to me is just mindfulness. As a gal in my 40’s I’ve overcome many life obstacles. From abandonment, abuse, teen pregnancy, and addiction issues to more recently a cancer diagnosis and mild stroke. Once I got my health clearance, I made the most daring risky choice of my life….

I moved 1500 miles from what I call home to live near the WATER,
I wanted to LIVE on the beaches of South Texas!
During my recovery time from cancer I started working online. With some past I.T. knowledge mixed with my solid business background I found I could earn money easily online if I just applied myself. I started with a $25/mo budget (it was all I could afford) and worked as many free avenues as possible. All the while, learning from other top income earners, shedding frienemies, sharing ups and downs…genuinely just going with the flow while I gathered my tools, and designed my future. I’ve learned to call these people family as they’ve helped me become the person I use to thrive to be. “Surround yourself with success” isn’t a cliche. No different then “if you sit in the barbershop long enough you’re bound to get a haircut”.

I like to call myself a visionary entrepreneur. Having a clear vision of your goals can truly empower your passion. I’ve recently started teaching search engine optimization to a small group at first, then opened the door to a larger group. Now I’ve blown the doors WIDE open and it’s available to the public.

My goals are to help others reach their greatness, much like others that have helped me reach mine. In the last 60 days I’ve generated $16,000 from various avenues. I’ve broke through more personal obstacles with self development and support from my peers. I’m currently working on publishing a book. I’ve set my intentions high 3 times this year and quickly accomplished them, some in the blink of an eye. I just know the answer is to keep sharing it with others, my knowledge, my life experiences, my struggles, and how I can help others overcome what they think is impossible.
I AM the ZenQueen

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